I’ve received some feedback about post #1, mostly positive, some negative.  So, I thought it might be good to go over some more background to our story:

About 18 months ago I was reading the Bible and came across: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.”  I’ve always known about that verse, but something really convicted me about my lifestyle that day.  I realized that I hadn’t been doing life that way.  I was just doing life ‘regular’.  [By regular, I mean, I loved Jesus, read my Bible, prayed, tried to be a good dad, tithed, ect.  Things a Christian is supposed to do.]

Here’s my journal entry from that day: ” Holy Crap! I’ve been neglecting God’s commandments. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul mind and strength, love your neighbor as yourself…BUT, what about making disciples of all nations?” [….a bunch or random thoughts….]”This should be the mandate of our house: TO MAKE DISCIPLES.  Everything should fit in that paradigm, and everything that doesn’t should go.  Everything should be on the table: house, jobs, spending, church, friends, media, travel…everything.”  Then more stuff about getting out of debt fast and beginning discipleship in our neighborhood.

Since that time, my wife and I have tried several different things, and I believe God is leading us in this story.  Over the course of the past several months he has:

  • Intensified and focused our prayer life with friends and each other
  • made the Word come alive in new and exciting ways
  • deflated the my income from my business [in seriously random and mysterious ways…checks getting lost in mail, people not receiving invoices, solid contracts getting pulled out of the blue…]
  • shut the door to foster care
  • introduced us to awesome new people who do ministry in North Minneapolis full time [www.trinityworks.org], others.
  • led us to invite neighbors to prayer and church events
  • led us to talk with and pray with strangers we meet any place we go [YMCA, Target, whatever]
  • brought my wife and I closer together financially and prayer wise than we’ve ever been.
  • a friend at a Super Bowl party said, “you want to live in our basement?” without any prompting from our part or any knowledge of what we were thinking.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s off the top of my head.  The point is: I don’t believe the events of our lives over the past 6 months or so are random.  I believe Jesus is more concerned about our Love for Him than our comfort.  I believe He knows how to place events, friends, and ideas around us that guide us into deeper revelation of His love.  I believe He is in control.

My basic question is this: Which sounds more like God? Selling all to pursue Him, or living in comfort..or at the very least the same?

There’s a bunch of verses that Miah and I have been contemplating.  I’ll post those separate cause this is getting long.

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