I’m trying to live as Jesus did and trying to give my all for Him. Yet I’m astonished and surprised when He actually does something. This Easter weekend I witnessed 6 public baptisms at a apartment complex pool, shared my faith with strangers, and heard testimony of healing and deliverance. I am shocked and amazed. I realize I know very little about walking with the Spirit. I realize I need to learn from Him and that His ways are very, very different than my ways and they are beautiful.

How It All Started

We’ve been hanging out with some folks from Trinity Works the past month. [These people are legit Jesus Freaks. They are absolutely awesome:]. One of their folks was getting set to leave their apartment this weekend, but felt the Lord had told Him to do an outreach at their complex. During this time, a close friend of his accepted Christ at his apartment and was delivered from a heroin addiction. They decided to do an outreach with a baptism service with him for Easter.

Our family came out to help knock on doors and spread the word Saturday night. It was a blast. They had flyers and CD’s of testimonies to hand out and our kids took part in praying for and inviting their neighbors.

Easter Sunday

My bro came over and we took off for the apt again. As a few of the neighbors began to trickle in to the pool area to see what it was all about, the group of believers just began sharing God’s love with them 1 to 1.

While we’re all chatting ahead of time, a teenager and her mom decide to be baptized as well. They were able to repent and be delivered from some bondage, and decided to declare their commitment to Christ publicly.

As the baptisms begin, my daughters approached me and asked to be baptized as well. I was hesitant, but we had been talking about what it means to be baptized for a couple weeks ahead of time. When I asked them why they wanted to, they responded: “Because I want to live for Jesus the rest of my life”. I couldn’t really argue with that…seems like a good reason to me so they joined in too.

My thoughts in review:

  1. Being baptized is important [Acts 2:38 Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.]
    1. I remember feeling ‘sealed’ when I was baptized. Before baptism, I was worried about falling back in to sin. After baptism, I felt safe.
  2. Jesus is alive and well. He is still doing the same things He was doing 2000 years ago: healing, delivering, reconciling.
  3.  I want to live as Jesus lived, and I am just beginning to realize the weight of what that means. “Follow Me” means I don’t have a say in where I go. I’m still dealing with that. I have so much pride and self-reliance in me. I know that this journey is right, but I also know that He has much work to do in my heart and it probably won’t be easy.
  4. God’s 1st commandment is to love Him. His second is to love our neighbor. For years, my motivation in outreach is because it’s ‘right’. I want to be right with God, and He said to make disciples so I better do that. Interesting enough, my approach hasn’t born much fruit.
    1. His motivation is different. He is motivated by love. His love is deeper and Holier than I knew. He is Love and He will never love us more or any less than He did on that cross. I need to repent for my selfish motivation, and I need His love to fill me with love for my neighbor.
  5.  I can’t be afraid for my kids. I really believe their generation is going to face persecution. Like, REAL persecution for their faith. I need to expose them as much as possible to His Love and Holiness.

2 Cor 9:8 God can pour on the blessings in astonishing ways so that you’re ready for anything and everything, more than just ready to do what needs to be done.~MSG

Some More Photos




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