This is a corny story, but I’m going to share it anyway because it really made me happy.

I’ve been challenged lately to ‘go and make disciples’, and I’ve really been trying to be proactive and watchful for opportunities about sharing my faith.  I’m trying to find a balance between being ‘led by the Spirit’ and just straight up stopping every single human I see and telling them about God.

I want fruit, and I know that “no one comes unless the Father draws them [John 6:44]”.  I know that unless I am led by the Spirit to those who are being drawn to the Father, my word basically fall on deaf ears and hard hearts = ‘no fruit’. [we could have a discussion about planting seeds and such, I just mean personally- me seeing fruit from witnessing].  I also know that if I don’t have love, my words sound like a clanging gong and have the opposite effect [1 Cor 13].

So, I want to be intentional, I want a heart of LOVE for the Lost, I want to be in tune with the Spirit, and I want to be fruitful and multiply.  My inexperience in following His voice and guidance is leading me in to awkward situations that make me smile.  I am confident that He will teach me how to do this better in the days to come, but here’s what happened at Jiffy Lube yesterday.

So I pick up my 4 year old for some overdue ‘dude time’, and remember that the oil is way past due for a change.  I want to maximize dude time and there’s a blizzard starting [yes, in April], so I decide to pay a little extra and go to Jiffy Lube.

The Jiffy dude leads me in the gate, and it’s slow due to the blizzard. So he starts chatting about the weather, and ‘how are the roads?’, and mentions he’s worried about his wife commuting in bad weather.  While we’re chatting, he makes some more comments about his wife and jokes about needing her to make it home to do his laundry.

All the while my insides are jerking around because I’m trying to live out my faith and be a witness, and I want to make the most of every opportunity.  I don’t say anything.

The young fellas who work there find some other things they can charge me some money for [rotate tires,ect] and the dude offers me a discount on it because they’re so slow.  I take him up on the offer and head back to the waiting room.  I’m trying to pray for confidence to share my faith, and I begin to think about the Church being the Bride of Christ just like he’s watching our for his wife’s protection; Jesus washing our hearts just like his wife does his laundry;  and a mini sermon is coming together while tires are being rotated.

Anyway, long story short: I share my little mini sermon with the guy about the Church being  the Bride of Christ, Jesus washing our hearts of sin and invite him to church on Sunday.  Turns out he’s been a Christian his whole life basically, but is happy to take my church address.  We pray for his cracked ribs and I’m on my way.

As I pull out of the garage, my heart is FULL. So, the guy wasn’t a heroin addict who fell on the ground, repented and gave his life to Jesus, but I notice each time I share my faith my heart comes ALIVE.  I was sooooo happy, mostly for selfish reasons because I could pat myself on the back and say I shared Jesus.  But I was really really happy.

So the heart that was changed was mine, and that makes me smile.

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