This post doesn’t have much to do with the 810 project.  I just need to brag on God for a bit.  So there.

Here’s the story:

Yesterday was another Messenger Boot Camp session [an 8 week intensive evangelism course put on by Trinity Works here in the Twin Cities].  The bulk of the sessions were on obeying the promptings of the Holy Spirit, no matter how small they may be.  It was a good class, nothing out of the ordinary happened on our outreach, then my wife picked me up and we started home.

As we turned the corner to our place, I noticed a crazy looking dude sharpening a blade walking down the road.  I felt a little ‘nudge’ like I was supposed to talk to him.  I have gotten in trouble before talking to crazy people with my wife and kids around, so I didn’t obey right away; but as we continued down the road I couldn’t shake the feeling.  So I had my wife turn around and park a little ways away while I approached him.

As I came closer, I could see that his eyes were messed up, more black and wild than a regular human eye normally looks.  I mentioned something about God wanting me to stop and tell him how much He loved him.  As I was speaking, the dudes eyes filled with tears and he began to weep.

Some back story:

Earlier that day, James was at work at the repo-shop on the corner when several co-workers/drug affiliates began to surround him.  They were telling him that they put his pregnant girlfriend on a bus, and they were not happy with him.  He somehow was able to escape, but was now coming back with this blade to face whatever he had to face.

I explained the gospel as best I could.  My words were not smooth, and for some reason it was difficult for me to remember core scriptures.  Eventually I asked if he was willing to surrender to Christ.  In tears, he fell to his knees on the street and asked Christ into his heart while repenting of each sin he could remember.

At this point, our roommates pull around the corner and are able to take my kids out of the car, while my wife continues to pray.  

James doesn’t have a place to go, so I confer with my wife and I agree to drive him to a friends house several miles away.  I really had the peace from God that this was the right thing to do.  I had fears about allowing a meth head with a blade in my car with my wife in at the same time, so I dropped my wife off first, then came back for him.  I arrived just as a car full of ‘the other guys’ was coming from the other direction.  God’s timing is so perfect.

the Journey continues

James is still coming down from his high and is very emotional.  Throughout the 20 minute drive to the city, I continue to preach salvation to him, and my thoughts and scripture memory start to become more clear.  As time goes on, he becomes more calm and less emotional.  

We finally arrive at his friends home, and I’m concerned that: A) they may be drug affiliates too or B) they have no idea what they are getting in to.  As it turns out, it’s another Christian husband and wife who were letting James stay with them until a couple weeks ago.  When he relapsed he left suddenly and did not return.  

They had been in contact with James’ girlfriend earlier that day, and did not believe that she would willingly be placed on a bus out of town.  I stayed to help make several calls to find her whereabouts.  As we continue talking, the wife mentions concern over the spiritual implications of letting James in their home with their kids, ect.  We pray for deliverance over James, and he confesses to feeling ‘something leave him’ and that ‘he felt his face getting all twisted’ as we were praying.  

Now the husband begins to confess unforgiveness in his heart stemming from family deaths and other drama.  We begin praying for him for several minutes.  God’s spirit was so powerful in this place, it was absolutely incredible.  I felt His tangible presence and strength, and felt so safe; as though no demon or any power of hell could penetrate or hinder what was happening.  As we finish prayer, he explains how God had just now changed his perspective and given him healing in his heart and mind.

the Aftermath

I’ve been in contact with them again throughout the day.  They’ve made contact with the missing girl, although she isn’t ready to tell them where she’s at.  We continue to pray for her safety and the safety of her unborn child.  Also, at Boot Camp yesterday I met a director of a local drug rehab program.  I’ve been in touch with him again and he’s open to working with James.  We continue to pray that James will seek the help he needs to continue his commitment to Christ.

If you’re open to praying about this, pray that nothing will hinder further connection in the future.  My family stopped by their home today and ‘just missed them’.  God is doing something in their lives, and I don’t believe this is just a cool story to tell.  These are real people, and their eternal destiny is on the line.  The couple was greatly discouraged, and James was demonized.  Pray that God will allow a firm connection to be established with the Body of Christ (whether with me or someone else) so these seeds of faith can grow.

So, the moral of the story is:

  1. God is amazing.
  2. You never know what He might do from a simple act of obedience.
    1. I have no idea what would have happened to James if he met these other people.  He says he wasn’t planning on using his blade, but who knows?
    2. God really wanted to encourage this couple.  I know if it wasn’t me, He would have sent someone else.  But I’m so glad it was me.  I got to see Him work and show His power.  I would have not had that opportunity if I would’ve ignored that little ‘nudge’.
  3. Obey His ‘nudges’ more.  

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