This will be a weird post:

I’m noticing I don’t communicate very well or consistently, so as I meet people who are somewhat familiar with our story, there are often wrong assumptions about what’s going on.  So, this will read more like a diary of our events over the past week.  Here we go!


Our time in the basement is over.  We spent the weekend moving our essentials to my parents house in the woods 6+ hours away.  Upon our return, friends were ubber gracious and offered to watch our kids for a couple days so we could finish moving/cleaning the basement of our friends house.

Monday was my first ‘staff’ day with Trinity Works.  I have begun a part time position with this missionary/evangelistic organization and will be sending out support letters soon (thanks!).  In my role, I will be developing materials for new believers and discipleship called The New Believers Survival Kit as well as helping with outreaches, ect.  

After introductions for my first meeting, someone walked in and asked for help.  I volunteered and spent the next two and a half hours praying with someone who was struggling to come out of the homosexual lifestyle.  I was amazed at the Power and Guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Throughout our meeting, we would stop and pray and ask Jesus for direction.  The young man began to experience the Holy Spirit through visions.  In the first vision, he saw Jesus holding a little lamb in His arms, then it changed to shepherds staff pulling things away.  He identified this as Jesus being His Shepherd and pulling things away from him.

As we continued to talk and pray, he declared he wanted to be born again, but was terrified that he would fall back in to sin.  We read through Romans 6,7,8 together as well as John 3, which talk about being born again and the grace of God.  As we prayed some more, he stated that he keeps hearing a phrase in his head, and does not know what it means: “Ani ohev otach”.  I google it.  “I love you.”  The Holy Spirit was telling him that He loved him in Hebrew, which is his families heritage.  He began weeping and confessed past sins and prayed through forgiveness for those who had wronged him in his past.


My wife takes a break from cleaning to come worship with me at the Justice House of Prayer.  Every other week, our prayer partners and I lead a 2 hour worship set for the Body of Christ and renewal in the church.  It was awesome worshipping and praying with her.

Afterward, we go to rent a storage unit and meet our rental manager, Taj.  He’s tatted up, and my wife inquires about a certain tattoo on his neck.  This leads to an hour discussion on family, history, and God.  He’s had a rough life and doesn’t believe in religion.  As he explained why, we got to talk about historical evidence of the Bible, the meaning of Truth, social mores and where they come from, and the origin of good and evil.  I offered him a CD explaining more about the Good News, he refused, but his co-worker who had been listening snatched it from my hand declaring, “I want that!” (She’s got some Christian background).


We continue packing/moving.  Things take longer when you’re ‘in ministry’, I guess.  I’ve got more staff meetings in the morning, while Miah continues the bulk of the cleaning/packing.  Between meetings, I meet for Bible study with James, the guy on meth that I met on the road a couple weeks ago.  We’ve been meeting every week to go over the Bible and just talk.  He’s still sober and excited to introduce me to his girlfriend that was missing for the past 2 weeks, but is now here.

While we’re talking in the back yard, a neighbor walks over.  He hits his head and begins cussing while James introduces me as ‘his pastor Tim’.  When he hears the word ‘pastor’, his demeanor changes and we begin a dialogue about Jesus Christ and surrender.  He’s not ready to surrender yet, but he knows the truth and has a respect for God.  I have more packing to finish, but as I leave all the families hold hands (about 8 people in total) and pray.


Work.  I still do consulting to make money, so I had a 5 hour consulting gig in the morning.  Thank you Jesus!  Miah’s gone by now, so I come back to finish cleaning the basement.  Things take longer in ministry.  I promised James I’d return for a bit today, so I do.  We don’t talk much this time, but I spend an hour playing with the neighborhood kids who are obviously starving for attention and love.  We play games and I just continue to tell them how much Jesus loves them.


Today!  I’m all packed and will be completely out of the basement as soon as I’m done with this.  From here, I go to another consulting gig, then to a friends house consecration.  Then tomorrow, I’ll be working on the 810 Project till 4, then off on another 6+ hour drive to bring the rest of our essentials to the house in the woods.

I am so grateful to all the friends and family who have been praying for us and hosting us through this journey.  We couldn’t be doing anything without you.

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Thank you!


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