Acts 4: A deep sense of awe came over them all, and the apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders. 44 And all the believers met together in one place and shared everything they had. 45 They sold their property and possessions and shared the money with those in need. 46 They worshiped together at the Temple each day, met in homes for the Lord’s Supper, and shared their meals with great joy and generosity[j] 47 all the while praising God and enjoying the goodwill of all the people. And each day the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved.

This is what I want

I want authentic community like the one described in Acts.  I’ve got a friend who likes to say, “you gonna talk about it, or be about it?”  Meaning: stop standing around talking about it.  Start moving and get stuff done.

I want to start moving toward Acts.  I want to see God move in my generation in the same way He did 2000 years ago with Peter, John, Phillip, Steven, and Paul.  We serve the same God.  Why should my experience in faith be any different than theirs?

This is what the 810 Project is all about.  I WANT GOD!  I want what Acts talks about:

  1. A deep sense of awe: I don’t want to get together with other believers to talk about the latest episode of Whatever.  I want a community who is in awe of God and His Power and Presence.
  2. Miraculous signs and wonders: I want to see the Gospel confirmed with signs and wonders.  I want to see the physically and spiritually blind able to see.  I want to see the lame walk.  I am contending for this.
  3. All believers met in 1 place and shared everything they had: I am kind of done with the things of this world.  I don’t have much left.  It’s refreshing to be around other believers who have the same mind.  We can’t serve both God and money.  Serving God is better and more fulfilling.  More challenging at times perhaps, but richer.
  4. Sold possessions and shared w/ those in need: see #3.  The pursuit of His Presence and the furtherance of the Gospel is all that matters.
  5. Worshipped together every day: a 1/2 hour sermon with a 5 minute fake smiles aren’t going to cut it anymore.  I want deep and consistent fellowship.  I want to get real with you, trusting that you will do the same with me.  I want deep relationship with my Father in Heaven.  I can’t get deep with Him if I have resentment in my heart against you.  We can’t grow together talking about fake crap in a hallway a few times a month.
  6. Met in homes for the Lords supper: They hung out A LOT.  When they hung out, they celebrated the Lord.  It seems ‘the yeast was working through the whole dough’.  Christianity was consuming them.  I want Christian fellowship, which to me means that when we hang out I’d like to acknowledge the Lord’s presence and pray and encourage each other in the Lord.
  7. Lots of Joy and Goodwill: There is no greater joy than the fellowship of His saints.  I am so encouraged when I hear testimonies of God’s provision and timing working out in my friends lives.  It makes me happy.  I’m beyond blessed when I get to share the Gospel with people at the store, in the gas station, or on ‘outreach’.  When people feel the Presence of a Living and Loving God for the first time, and I get to be a witness to His work, my faith becomes more real and tangible and my joy skyrockets.  Joy comes through obedience and seeing God do His work (for the joy set before Him, Christ endured the cross).  There is fresh joy in sharing your faith.  Lacking in joy?  Share God with someone.  I promise you will feel awesome.  Why?  It’s obedience to the Gospel.  Joy is in obedience.

Formula for Acts

Peter had just finished his first ‘sermon’ as the Holy Spirit fell in power on the upper room.  3,000 men were cut to the heart and turned from their sins to the Living God.  The formula leading up to this event seems right to me:

  1. Step 1: Obey God. (“Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about.”)
  2. Step 2: Wait. (There were as many as 500 on the mountain of ascension.  Far less in the upper room)
  3. Step 3: Keep waiting.  (We need the Power of God.  Mere words will not cut to the heart.  We need Spirit.  Only the Spirit convicts.  Only the Spirit of God can change a mans life.  Why strive to do anything without the Spirit? Only what’s done in Christ remains.  WAIT FOR HIM!)
  4. Step 4: When the Spirit moves, move with Him.

810 Project Programming:

We are striving to build a house of worship, prayer, and discipleship in North Minneapolis based on this model.  Every day, we want to:

  • worship together
  • pray together
  • read & study together
  • evangelize together (joy in obedience)
  • disciple together (all the above=discipleship)

Can it happen?

Yep.  God is working this out in His timing, but I am confident that this is His plan and not my own.

That being said, here’s how you can help 😉

  • I want 100 intercessors.  I have 4.  I need prayer, prayer, and more prayer covering North Minneapolis.  24 hour prayer.  gut wrenching prayer.  Prayer that will move a mountain.  Will you help me pray?  please contact me and let me know:
  • Regular monthly donors: To do this well, I would like to be a full time urban missionary.  If you would consider supporting us, we are missionaries through Trinity Works [].  You can donate to us through them by marking a note ‘the Daniels’ in the memo field.
  • Finish the Remodeling Project: I need contractors and workers.  Do you have men’s ministries at your church that would donate a few hours?  Know a contractor who’s willing to help?  Please send them my way!  [email above].  If you would like to give to the building fund, is the place to go.  just mark 810 in the giving field.
  • Faith, Hope and Love: Faith to see God at work (without faith it is impossible to please Him).  Hope to wait for Him while I see no evidence of His movement (apostles waited a long while before Spirit fell).  Love for my neighbor, especially the mean ones.

Don’t grow weary in doing good, at the proper time you will reap a harvest!  Don’t give up.  Keep pressing in!  Keep believing God.

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