2 Tim 4:5 “But you should keep a clear mind in every situation. Don’t be afraid of suffering for the Lord. Work at telling others the Good News, and fully carry out the ministry God has given you.”

2015 is proving to be a crazy year so far.  This is my best attempt to fill you all in on What God is doing with us on the Northside of Minneapolis.

  • Valentines Day outreach: hannahheartThis is a family friendly event on Valentines Day!  We will be handing out long stemmed roses, candy, and Jesus to our neighbors this Feb 14 from 10am-2pm.  We plan to bring our kids with and have found that they often open doors for us that would otherwise be closed to the Gospel.  Cute kids + roses + candy + Jesus + the Holy Spirit + Truth = something amazing about to happen.  We’d love to see you there and experience the joy of working in the Great Harvest with us! [if you’d like to come, or are thinking about coming, email me! the810project@gmail.com]
  • Partnerships!: We are continuing to partner with Camp Good News on the North side.  They rent out a community center on Sundays and share the Gospel with neighborhood kids.  This past week, Miah (my wife) got to share her testimony and we had a great time hanging out with everyone.  We got to go sledding and share hot chocolate with many of the kids afterward.
  • More Partnerships…and, We’re Moving!: We’re continuing our partnership with Antioch [a weekly after school program for neighborhood kids] on Thursday nights.  An opportunity came up for us to actually move into their operations house.  This is located 4 blocks away from the 810 house and is perfect walking distance.  The kids are excited to have some more space again; it’s going to feel weird having a place of ‘our own’.  It’s been 18 mos since we sold our home, but Jesus is faithful to His word.  We have not lacked for a single thing on this journey, and we are continually amazed at His Grace.  We’re excited to live closer to the kids and families that we’ve been ministering to, so this is very exciting.
  • Still more partnerships!: Miah and I are continuing our work with Trinity Works as well.  With them, we lead about 6 worship & intercession sets/mo at the Justice House of Prayer.  We intercede for the lost and ask God to empower and awaken His Church to the urgency of the hour.
  • Much more awesome Jesus stuff coming!

but wait, there’s more!

The progress on the house is a testimony to God’s faithfulness and ability to do above all I could ask or even imagine.

  • Plumbing is Done!  Weld and Sons generously donated their time and resources and re-plumbed the whole house in 1 day!  They also worked with their vendors to supply new water heaters, sinks, showers and more.  I am overwhelmed with God’s favor and kindness!!!
  • Electric is set to be done mid-Feb.  Once electric is finished, we’ll pass inspections and be able to re-insulate and sheet rock.  This will allow regular programming to begin out of the house on a long term basis.
  • Discipleship is ongoing throughout the community. There are several men I am striving to meet with each week.  Please pray for more workers and a speediness to the establishment of the 810 house.

I would love to see whole families saved through our efforts.  I’m dialoguing with other partners throughout the city about how to do this, but the bottom line is: we need a team.  I need volunteers who are willing to commit to weekly programming this Spring/Summer.  I am hoping to start regular discipleship meetings in 810 by May.  If you are interested in being a part of what God is doing on the North side, please email us and let us know!  the810project@gmail.com

Jesus is Lord!  He proves this by providing things that I wouldn’t know how to get through people who love Him and are called according to His purpose.  Some are plumbers, others are contractors, others are willing hands; but we are all His Body and we are building His house of worship, prayer, and discipleship!

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