Ways to get involved this Spring

Spring is coming eventually.  Here’s the basic calendar for April for those looking to get involved.

Every Thursday:

  • 10-12: Prayer and Intercession @810 (810 30th Ave N)
  • 12:30-3:30 Community Evangelism
  • 4:30-8pm Antioch youth nights

Every Monday:

  • 10-12 Intercession and worship for the lost
  • At Justice House of Prayer (Northbrook Alliance Church)

Tuesday 4/7 & 21

  • 10-12 Intercession and worship for the lost
  • At Justice House of Prayer (Northbrook Alliance Church)

Saturday, 4/11

  • Sheet Rocking Party @8:10 House (810 30th Ave N)
  • 10-4pm

Saturday, 4/18

  • Antioch house garden building (building raised garden beds for kids in the community)
  • 10-2 (2811 Fremont Ave N)

Saturday, 4/25

  • Community cleanup and outreach at the 810 house (810 30th Ave N)
  • 11-2 (kid friendly outreach: testify of Jesus while picking up trash in the neighborhood)

Saturday, 5/2

  • Planting party @Antioch house gardens (2811 Freemont N)
  • Community kids will plant their seeds in the gardens made previously

April 10-18 Prayer Week

Other News

Our partners, Trinity Works, is hosting their semi-annual Messenger Boot Camp starting Saturdays in April.  This is uber-challenging and a deep commitment to be taken seriously.  But, if you’ve been stirred to share your faith more around the office or in your neighborhood, this will definitely fan the flame!  It’s an 8 week intensive, 4 weeks diving into the heart of the Father and 4 weeks taking that heart to your community.

This Spring it is free (normally $250+ value).  Check out more info at: http://trinityworks.org/messenger-boot-camp/

Summer Plans

Would you consider volunteering 1 day/week with us this Summer?

  • Thursday night BBQ’s / outreach / community fellowship @ Antioch house
  • Saturday outreaches
  • Wednesday evening (? TBD) ALPHA CLASSES
  • Prayer and intercession times (2-3x/week)
  • Creative Evangelism
  • Mentorship
  • Garden helpers
  • other ideas?

Prayer Updates

Several of the people we’ve reached out to over the Winter are experiencing difficulty and bumps.  Please cry out for the men and women who gave their life to Christ over the past 3 months and are facing fiery ordeals.

Please pray for wisdom w/ Miah and I how to follow up and prioritize our schedule to care for these seeds.  I’m not sure we are always doing the best job.  We need wisdom and grace.

Please pray for the Antioch house.  I have a vision that these kids (15+ of them come every Thursday night) would fall in Love with Jesus to the point where they won’t hang on to their life anymore.  I see them interceding for their families and bringing revival to this community; standing for Truth, Justice, and Humility (Ps 45).  Pray that all we do with them will be full of Wisdom and Grace and Power.

We don’t want to do good.  We want the Power of the Risen Christ to be made manifest in our world.  We want men and women, young and old to dream dreams with their Father in Heaven.   We know that all authority in heaven and on earth was given to Jesus, and it is our desire to stay rooted and grounded IN HIM to BEAR MUCH FRUIT…fruit that would remain.

Sincerely and in love,

Tim and MIah Daniels


Kids trying out their rapping skills
Kids trying out their rapping skills
My beautiful wife
My beautiful wife

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