Matt 17:20 Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

Faith: Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. [Heb 11:1]

Now these 3 remain: Faith, Hope and Love; but the greatest of these is Love [1 Cor 13:13]


I’ve never seen a mustard seed, but Jesus said it’s really small and google seems to back Him up. So the idea is small faith can produce big results.

I believe faith is a gift from God Himself. mustard-seedAs God imparts this gift, it gives us quiet confidence that what He said He will do will come to pass. Faith from Him births Hope in Him, which births Love with Him. He gives us faith to believe in His Voice and Presence. His Presence produces Hope for the impossible to take place. This faith and hope smash together and create and amazing journey of love that no man could write. Jesus is the Author and Perfecter of our faith, and He is really not a boring author!

Jesus has given Miah and I a really small vision of what He could do with the lives of North Minneapolis. He’s put a young group of boys and girls [they call themselves ‘the Squad’] in our path. They aren’t polite and don’t possess many manners, but they are beautiful. We’ve seen a glimpse of these boys and girls growing to be men and women who are captivated by the Glory of a real and risen Jesus. We desperately don’t want to become a charity, but want to contend for these lives [young and old] to behold Jesus: to obtain Faith, to restore Hope, and to reveal Love. Only Jesus can do this. He did it 2,000 years ago and we believe He is still able to do it today.


As many of you know, God has seemed to multiply our efforts and we now are stewarding 2 homes instead of 1. We live at the Antioch home, located about 4 blocks from the 810Project house. At this home, we host a weekly meal and Bible study with about 15-20 neighborhood kids aged 6-14. Throughout the week we get to know them more as they stop by for food, games, or whatever. We didn’t ask for any of this and didn’t have a plan for how any of this would unfold 2 years ago when we began planning to sell our dream home in pursuit of making disciples.crafts

As we make ourselves available for interruptions, God moves. Over the past several weeks Miah and I have given many rides to parks, spent time blowing bubbles, raking, playing games, carving soap, drawing pictures, baking cookies, and breaking up fights. In each and every circumstance, we’ve been given an opportunity to share the Love of God found in Christ Jesus.

Several times a week we’ll get a knock on the door as we’re putting the kids to bed or gathering for dinner. It’s never convenient. It’s never polite. But we believe it is right to avail ourselves to the needs of our neighbors. We’re not saying that we’re doing all things right, but we’re trying. Ultimately these interruptions give us an opportunity to share about the reality of Christ and His return. God always has given us grace to respond in His Love.


Last week while blowing bubbles in the back yard, I got to talk about Water Baptism to a 14 year old neighbor. Her pastor had a moral failure and she was concerned about what this meant for her own salvation. We got to talk about what baptism means, and what it means to be dead in your sins but alive to Christ, and what it actually means to be Born Again.

the Squad
the Squad

Twice in the past week, I gave a ride home to a group of 3 siblings. In both cases, we happened to be behind police vehicles. This led to conversations with a 7, 8, and 9 year old about authority, honor, and race relations. I admit that I have white privilege and many of my experiences just won’t relate to theirs. Often, I learn more from them than they do from me. Miah often gets to speak into the young girls lives about gossip [there’s plenty of opportunities]. But mostly, we get to know the people. Our prayer is that these relationships would lead to whole household salvation. That their entire blood line would find the real power of a risen King named Jesus.

On outreach last Thursday, Miah and I ran into one of the boys Grandmothers.  She was concerned over all the recent shootings and had just busted her lip open requiring 6 stiches when she heard gun shots out her back door.  We were able to pray with her for peace and gain a deeper understanding of where her grandson is coming from.  This is an example of what we’re praying for.  We have a relationship with a boy in the neighborhood at Antioch.  This leads to an open door from a neighbor at 810.  Will you pray with us for more open doors and more family connections?

Is it sinking in? Are they responding? Has revival started yet?

squadI may never know the answers to these questions. What I know is the Faith that God has given us. We’ve seen in our own heart how God can grab a hold of these lives and cause them to reflect His Glory. Our faith [the faith given to us by Christ] tells us this is so. Our hope remains in the power of the resurrection. Our job is to remain in His Love, not to strive for external behavior modification. We want these youth to KNOW CHRIST. Please contend with us in prayer for the SQUAD. That they would know Him and the Power of His Resurrection. To behold Him in the Secret Place is where lives are changed. Please pray with us for this.


Our weekly outreaches continue out of the 810Project home. We are on track [God willing] to have this home functional for regular ministry by mid-June. We are so excited to be able to offer weekly Bible studies, mens groups, womens groups, Alpha programs, all night prayer/intercession meetings, community meals, more from this home. We should be done sheet rocking by the beginning of May. Then it’s just a matter of flooring and fixtures! It’s been a long journey, but God has taught us so much about His provision and faith through all of this.

Once a toilet is working, we can begin offering longer and more consistent times of worship, prayer and discipleship.

intercessionCurrently, we are still doing our best to follow up with those who commit their hearts to Christ in their homes or at local coffee shops. We know we are not always doing it best and we want to grow in our disciple making efforts. If you know anyone who would be willing to help, we are looking for volunteers to help support the Summer/Fall bible studies and other discipleship offerings.


Here’s what the next month looks like at the 8:10 Project. We’d love to see you, pray with you in any way that we can!


Worship & Intercession for the lost with our partners at Justice House of Prayer and Trinity Works

1st & 3rd TUESDAY:

Worship & Intercession at Justice House of Prayer


10-12 Prayer and intercession @810 house
12:30-330 neighborhood outreach/street evangelism
5-8 Antioch house youth Bible study

THIS SAT 4/18:

Garden box building @the Antioch House
10-2 we’ll be building raised garden beds with the neighborhood kids and their parents. These will be used throughout the summer to grow yummy vegetables and as a contact point w/ the neighborhood kids

SAT 4/25:

10-2 Spring cleanup @810 house.
Gather with us to worship and pray, then grab a bag and help clean up the neighborhood while we talk to neighbors about Christ.
[everything we do is an opportunity to share the Gospel]
Light maintenance can be done on the 810 house as well

MAY 2:

10-12 Garden planting at the Antioch House

Wednesdays are typically my work days on the house. I’d love to see you! I’m currently prepping for sheetrock. If you or your church small group could donate some time or materials towards the sheet rocking, we’d really appreciate it!

Wanna help?

we need volunteers, prayer partners and financial partners.
Give: [enter Tim and Miah Daniels in the general acct]
love you! ~the Daniels

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