Thanks all for praying.

Day 1 for Love Minneapolis 24/7 was a blast.  I led a team of about 20 people to Broadway Ave in North Minneapolis, near the 810:Project house.  This is a busy strip of stores, bus stops and people.  Our team was able to reach well over 60 people with the Gospel message and pray with most of them.  4 of our neighbors began a new relationship with their Father in Heaven through accepting Jesus Christ as Lord today.  It was a good day.  Here’s a brief recap:


We came upon Margo in the passenger side of an empty car, waiting outside the liquor store.  She looks tired and worn out.  I asked if I could hear her story, and her reply with a single breath and toothless mouth was: “Misery.”

She had nothing to live for and wanted to die.  Her kids made her go to dialysis 3 times a week to keep her failed kidneys working, but she had no will to live.  I asked if she had any other hope, and she said ‘no.’  I asked if she had ever heard the Gospel message, and she replied “once when I was a girl, but that was a long time ago.”  I mentioned that the Gospel is good news, and brings me hope and she allowed me to share my testimony and go through the Gospel Message with her.  We went through the Bible using the Romans Road method outlined in the Revive Bible and talked about each verse, 1 at a time.

When I finished, I asked if she would like a relationship with Christ.  She prayed with me for salvation, and I was able to sign her up for a new discipleship tool called the New Belier Survival Kit (  She will begin receiving weekly teachings from pastors all over our city.  I called her tonight to follow up, but had to leave a message with her son.  I’ll try to connect with her again tomorrow.


Ike worked security in the laundry mat.  I asked him what the craziest thing he’s seen is.  “One time I let a guy use the bathroom, and he OD’d.  I had to pull him out with the needle still in his arm and call 911…they rescued him and I heard he turned his life around with Jesus.”

Ike had a background with God.  But he can’t move the head knowledge to the heart.  We talked for over 20 minutes about family pressures and read through Colossians 3 and Phil 4 together.  He allowed us to pray for him, but was not ready to surrender his life to Christ, knowing that he wouldn’t fulfill a commitment.  However, he wants to learn and grow toward a relationship with Him, so he agreed to go through the teachings of the New Believer Survival Kit as well.  He received his first text instantly, and was excited to listen to it.

2 Artsy Girls

We met 2 girls coming from an art class.  We asked about their favorite artist and what they like about art.  We shared that our favorite artist was God (He knit us and formed us together in our mothers womb, and has a tremendous plan for us…plus, He made everything.  Watch Planet Earth.  It’s an awesome planet He made.)

They allowed us to share our testimony.  They hadn’t thought much of God before and didn’t have much ‘churchy’ background.  We gave them a Bible and a Gospel tract called How to Know God without Being Religious.

Many others

We chatted with many other of our neighbors, and will do it again tomorrow.  Our neighborhood is so full of life and creativity…I LOVE IT!  Thank you to those that are praying for us.

See you tomorrow!

outreach team

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