Looks like I lost track of my days:)

Love Minneapolis finished this past Sunday, coinciding with the Gay Pride festival in Minneapolis.  For 7 days, hundreds of believers from several denominations and backgrounds participated in continuous worship, prayer, intercession and evangelism over our city.  In addition to reaching out to over 1,000 people with the message of the Gospel, my favorite part was re-uniting with old friends in the faith and meeting new friends who share the core belief that the Good News of Jesus should be shared with our neighbors.  It was a beautiful thing;)

Missing days

I waited too long to post some of the details, so I’ll do my best to summarize our outreaches to North Minneapolis over the week.

TQ, Eli, Elijah, Joshua

I met these 4 boys at the park on one of our outreaches.  I sat down with a few teenagers at a table and began sharing the Gospel with them.  Several of them had never heard it.  While I was finishing up the story of salvation, these 4 boys came up and seeing what we were doing said, “we need prayer…can we join in?”

Soon a crowd of 10-12 teenagers gathered around as I shared the story of Christ’s love, His return, and His judgement.  Not all were interested and some began snickering, ect.  Eli basically told everyone to shut up, “I want to hear this!” he said.

When I finished, about 8 of us held hands and prayed a prayer of salvation together.  I could tell that some weren’t very sincere, so I pulled these 4 aside and re-explained everything about surrender, the cost of following Jesus and made sure they were in.  We held hands again and prayed once again for Christ to come and fill our hearts.

After prayer, my friend and I layed hands on each of them in turn and asked God to fill them with the Holy Spirit.  Each one stated that they saw or heard Jesus telling them something in our prayers.  They didn’t have phones, but I gave them my number and address and hope to find them again soon.

This is the generation to carry revival to this city.  I’m praying for opportunities to reconnect and disciple these boys on a deeper, more consistent level.


Saturday was spent talking to people at Loring Park for the Gay Pride festival.  I had several really good conversations here last year, and was excited to see what God would do again this year.  I first met and chatted w/ Neal.  He was here from out of town, and turns out he was in recovery.  He was trying to get clean from meth and shared some deep personal history with me.  He allowed me to share the Gospel and my testimony with him, and took a Bible.  We prayed together for the Holy Spirit to guide his recovery and lead him into truth.

I met several others and chatted briefly with a lot of them.  A transgender person confided that the spiritual ship had sailed away long ago…too many past hurts.  One person found out I was a Christian and became verbally abusive quickly.  We were having a nice conversation about life, and I asked if I could share 1 thing before he left.  “it’s not going to be any of that Christian bullshit, is it?”  “Well, it is a scripture”, I replied.  At this, he became enraged, shouting obscenities and cursing me.  I felt so bad for him…he must be so wounded.  All I could do was walk away and pray.

Overall, my heart was very grieved at this event.  There is so much brokeness, hurt and pain.  I really don’t have much else to say about it, other than I am grieved and processing what I saw.

For more testimonies, you can check out some cool videos from our friends here:

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