On Becoming Beloved Community

2015-11-18 15.43.06

The protests in Minneapolis over the shooting of Jamar Clark have entered the third week. Since the beginning  (see photo above) I have felt the need to be present as a ally, as a witness, as a participant.  In the past weeks several of my white friends have reached out to me to ask me why?  I feel as if others have pulled away from me, some have joined me and a few have accused me of participating in riots and violence.

Before we begin, let me get this out in front:

  • I do NOT defend or support the actions of SOME of the protesters who chose to engage in physical or verbal violence.
  • I do NOT believe that ALL COPS are evil and I know some who do excellent work in a very difficult setting.  I am thankful for them,

However, evidence and the experience of millions show that…

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