Twice a week, I go to a house near our neighborhood for Bible study.  Every week, I meet new people as it is a very ‘high traffic’ house.  This home is so high traffic that the police have noticed and raided it a couple weeks ago.  [They didn’t find any drugs.]

Anyway, it’s my honor to be invited into this home every week.  Last week, we were studying Galatians 5: the fruits of the flesh vs. the fruits of the Spirit.  As we were reading the fruits of the flesh, many questions arose.  “What is debauchery? What does dissension mean? So, drunkenness is wrong?”

What I love about the Holy Spirit is that He is our counselor, He brings conviction, and He alone brings change.  “I knew there was something wrong with that!  I’ve gotta change my ways…”  I really don’t have to say much at these studies.  I’m just there to clarify a few things and provide initiative and stability in the conversation.

Every week as I’m faithful to show up, people that were once just passing through progress to lingering.  From lingering, they progress to saying a prayer with us at the end.  From saying a prayer, they move to becoming involved in the studies.  I love my friends at this home, and have high hopes for their faith.  Will you continue to pray with me for my friends at this house?

Also, one of the men here, ‘Billie’; has now agreed to enter long-term treatment.  He is getting all the paperwork finalized this week and should be admitted before next week starts.  Please pray w/ me that he will follow through on this commitment.

Outreach update

outreach photoThanks to those who prayed for our Valentines outreach.  We brought roses, cards and candy to over 100 of our neighbors on the Northside.  Several received prayer, but honestly my favorite part was just watching some of the kids face light up when they received their rose.  Another highlight for me is having my kids take part in simple acts of kindness in the Name of Jesus.

I want my kids to be familiar with saying things like: “Jesus loves you.”  I want my children to be ‘unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for it is the power of God that brings salvation…’ (Romans 1:16)

Hanging out

There is value in simply being available.  Yesterday, the kids were out of school for a holiday break.  Some neighbors came over to hang out.  They sat at our counter messing around with tools.  We went to the park and shot hoops.  We didn’t talk about much ‘significant’, but we spent time together.  These days are deposits in a future full of hope.  My prayer is that these days put significant deposits in their trust bank, to the point that when they are teens our family may have a voice of encouragement and influence in their heart and direction.


One thought on “Middle of February

  1. Ministry of presence and hospitality is so importance. Denise and I in our early days were mentored by a couple in the housing project. Why can’t we party and get high-where’s that in the Bible. Looking back we had raging Bible studies but they usually always stayed in Galatians 5; patience with Brian and Denise! Praying for you and I hope the brother is going somewhere like Teen Challenge.

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