Is 26:8 “Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.”

Our God is always faithful. I’ve been looking back at pictures of the last 3 years of our lives: selling our home, moving in with friends, getting keys to 810, gutting 810, moving into the youth ministry home 4 blocks away from 810, rebuilding 810, developing relationships in the community, establishing ministry, loving Jesus. Our lives have been full and our God, Jesus Christ, has proven Himself faithful through every step of the process. He has provided everything we need just when we need it.

I can look around and see His provision in everything. The floors, lights, trim, sheetrock, tile, cabinets, windows, mulch, basketball court, furniture; they all have a name and a story attached to them. I see the neighbors we’ve met through this process and I am amazed. From young girls knocking on our door to show us school awards to neighbors getting their children into school with supplies or coming over for Bible study; God is good!

We’d like to invite you to an Open House Sunday October 2nd from 3-6. Take a walk through and see God’s provision first hand. We will have the doors open from 3-5 for people to come and mingle. At 5pm, we will have a prayer and dedication service for the home and ministry. I’m expecting this to be a powerful time as we commit the completion of this project to God and continue to offer the home and our lives to His service and purposes. Miah and I will share some stories of God’s provision and we’ll spend time worshipping and thanking Him for His goodness. We’d love to see you!

Month in Review

This Summer was amazing and exhausting all at the same time. A couple stories stick out that epitomize what we are attempting to do with this ministry through God’s grace. We understand that we are not able to produce the kind of fruit we are seeking on our own. God is able to do amazing things, and has chosen a body of weak and broken vessels to accomplish His will here on earth. We aim to be in relationship with Christ’s larger Body throughout North Minneapolis. Through this we hope to see the Holy Spirit graft our neighbors into relationship with God’s Church by loving them well with the Love Jesus supplies.


Charlotte just turned 12. I met her when she was 9 or 10. I think my first encounter with her involved pulling her away from another girl she was fighting. She is full of fire and grit and will refuse to back away from any offense; whether intentional or perceived. I can’t fully express how much we have grown to love her and her family.

Earlier this Summer, we were able to sign Charlotte up for a local track and field team along with another ministry on the North side. This allowed our family to spend much more time with her a couple nights a week, as well as supply her with new experiences. Long story short: she qualified for nationals in track and explained to me that “I didn’t know I could do these things!” Yesterday she knocked on our door to show us a listening award she received from her teacher. Is she perfect? No. But, she is being made aware of what is possible for her life if she is willing to put in the effort.

Because we are her neighbor, she has developed a level of trust with us and allows Miah and I to speak in to her life about attitude, modesty, attire, future, and Jesus. Because we are connected to other parts of the Body of Christ in North, we are not the only people she is hearing this message from: Antioch youth ministry has several volunteers that speak in to her, Eagles Wings track team has Believing coaches that speak life and destiny over her. It truly does take a village to raise a child and we love getting to know more of our urban neighbors through campaigns like the Salt and Light who share the same mind. The Church needs each other not only for our own encouragement, but for lives like Charlotte’s. As a wise local pastor told me: “apple trees are great, but you need 2 different kinds to bear any fruit.” We work together with our partners across North to see fruit that will remain forever.


Damien is 14 and has seen enough tragedy to last a lifetime. He’s been our neighbor for several months, but only recently came over when he saw our new basketball court. (Thank you Majestic Masonry!!!) Through the avenue of the court, he met several other teens in the neighborhood and began talking to Miah and I more frequently as his comfort level grew.

He and his new friends have been helping me around the house this Summer and also helped a bit with some of our backpack events. We’ve had some really deep conversations about faith and how a good God can allow bad things to happen.

I invited him to a session of Messenger Boot Camp (through our friends at Trinity Works) this past weekend. There was a session on the Father’s Love I really wanted him to hear. He wasn’t able to stay the whole time, but he heard enough. “Tough things happen. God is love.” He’s still thinking through everything, but could you take a minute to pray that he would have more encounters with God’s love? I know that my words cannot convince anyone of God’s love, but I also believe that God can encounter young men in supernatural ways and convince them He is good and He is near.

Damien has heard the Gospel several times in several forms through partnerships with Antioch and Trinity Works. With God’s grace and spirit at work, Damien can experience 1st hand the love of our Father in heaven.


I met Harold a couple years ago on an outreach. He and his 5 year old daughter have experienced some life disruption this summer, but I am overwhelmed with God’s faithfulness in this man’s life. His daughter was able to get enrolled at our kids new Christian school called Hope Academy.

Often Harold will come with me to 810 when his daughter is in school. We do Bible studies and pray. We research places to live and talk about our futures. Also, Harold can COOK! He helped me by running the BBQ pit for our back to school party at 810. Those burgers were ridiculously good.

In all these stories, we remain hopeful for God’s continued direction. We don’t know the future choices others will make and we can’t mandate their life’s decisions. Our job is to love. God has set a desire in our hearts to know Him. As we seek to know Him more, He reveals more of his heart for the lost and broken. His love isn’t dependent on our obedience; He is love and He gives His love away without condition. I can say in honesty that I love these neighbors without condition. My heart hurts for them when they make destructive choices, but Miah and I have to be careful to guard our heart against judgement. “Remain in my love…and you will bear much fruit!”~Jesus As we remain faithful to remain in His love, He is faithful to His Word and will produce fruit in due season.


Miah and I celebrated 13 years of marriage with a family retreat to the North shore. It was a beautiful time of refreshment in God’s creation. Upon return, our kids were enrolled in Hope Academy, a Christian school in South Minneapolis. We’ve been impressed with their curriculum, dedication to the community, diversity, and opportunities. They are not a traditional private Christian school, but focus on providing opportunities for families of different economic and racial backgrounds participate in learning and growing together. We are looking forward to the different opportunities this school provides for our children and our neighbors.

Miah has also begun her journey back to the classroom. She has re-enrolled at Northwestern college this Fall, finishing up some credits and student teaching to receive her full time teaching license. Please remember her in your prayers as this puts a little more stress on her time for family and ministry.

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Looking ahead

Our open house will be Oct 2 at 810 30th Ave North
We will have light refreshments from 3-5
At 5pm we will have a time of worship and dedication

Ongoing ministry

  • Monday night prayer: 6:30pm
  • Tuesday: 2-5 After school help (for later this Fall. Still gather volunteers. Let me know if you are interested.)
  • Wed: 10-12 Coffee and the Word (still in development)
  • Thursday: 10-12 prayer, 12:30-3 Outreach, 5-8 Antioch youth ministry
  • Sunday: 10:30-1 House church

We continue to wait on our God for His direction and leadership. If you have specific burdens on your heart for ministry in North Minneapolis, we’d love to hear about it! This house is God’s house, not ours and we’d like to share it for His purposes in North Minneapolis.

the Daniels family

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