This may be the shortest newsletter ever:
All we can really say is THANK YOU!!!

Three years ago (Oct 7, 2013) our family sold our dream home in Andover, MN. We didn’t know much, but felt compelled by Jesus to sell all that we had and follow Him. He spoke to our hearts about establishing a house of ‘worship, prayer, and discipleship.’ At the time we really had no idea what that meant, but were given the keys to a duplex at 810 30th Ave in North Minneapolis. The home was falling apart and needed more than some simple TLC. It needed rehabilitation.

In faith, we committed to rehabbing this duplex. We had no resources, no financing and little know how. We can now look back over the past 36 months and see how God has graciously provided everything we needed in its proper time. Nothing came early. Nothing came late. Flooring, windows, encouragement, money, volunteers, experts, plumbing, heating, water; everything was provided by the Hand of our Living and Loving God.

We still don’t know much, but we are doing our best to continue to walk in faith, hope and love with Christ and the community of North Minneapolis where He has placed us. It is very obvious that He has put us here for a reason, and our caution has been and continues to be keeping our perspective in the correct place. We do not want to run ahead of Him to help Him out in accomplishing His will. His will is good, pleasing and perfect, but it takes patience and diligence on our part to continue to pursue Him as the ultimate reward and purpose of our lives.

As we look around the home, we see God’s faithfulness and are so thankful for you in this process. I can literally look at the floor, the furniture, the windows, the walls, the doors, cabinets, appliances; everything has a name and a story attached to it. It brings joy to our hearts to see reminders of your love and support everywhere!

I’m attaching a little gallery of the progress. I’m sorry I really don’t have pictures to share of the open house, but it was a beautiful time for friends, family, neighbors and supporters to share in celebrating what God has done.  There is also a little video tour on my facebook if you wish to view it.

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Simple Stories of the Power of Jesus

Last week I had some things to do at the 810 house. We stay 4 blocks away at our youth partnership home with Antioch ministries, but I often drive anyway in case I need to make runs for supplies. On this particular day, I felt compelled to walk and pray.

About a block away from the 810 house, I noticed 2 young dads in the yard with their kids. A white buick pulled up and quickly stopped a few houses down. One of the dads began cussing and yelling at everyone to get inside. Seconds later, another car pulled up and stopped quickly. Several people jumped out and it was obvious they weren’t there to give out hugs and candy.

I walked over to a neighbors and asked if we could pray together. “You mean with them?!,” she asked. “No, I believe Jesus can hear us from here. Would you mind praying with me over this situation?”

We said a simple prayer together binding the spirit of violence and loosing the Spirit of Peace. “In the Name of Jesus, the God whom I serve; get back in your car and leave.” Moments later, they all got in their car and left. After getting off the phone with authorities, I marveled at the Power of Jesus. Had I drove, I would not have noticed any of this or had opportunity to pray with my neighbor.


Every Thursday we prayer walk the neighborhood and talk with neighbors, offering encouragement. This past Thursday my partner and I walked past a couple of gentlemen on their stoop. Long story short, one of the men was just robbed by a friend and was about to go retaliate. His friend was trying to talk him down when we showed up.

We prayed together and this served as confirmation to our new friend that God does see and does hear what is going on in our hearts. He is faithful to lead us in the way that we should go, and He rewards what is done in secret.

It seems weekly Jesus gives us some simple testimony of His goodness and direction. Please continue to pray for us as we endeavor to stay connected to Christ’s love and share Him with our neighbors. Our Antioch youth nights have started again, and we appreciate your prayers as we look to walk out life with the young ones in our neighborhood.

Fall Scheduling

We’re keeping things pretty simple this Fall and are praying through several ideas and options for the Winter to ramp up our programming at the house. Jesus told us the way to bear fruit, and it is founding Abiding in Him; so we want to be faithful to do the things He’s called us toward and cautious about adding more groups just for the sake of doing more stuff. It’s a fine balance and we want to do our best to stay in step with Christ’s love and presence.

Here are some upcoming ways you can be a part of what God is doing in N. Mpls.

Monday: community prayer @6:30pm
Wednesday (short term experiment): mens breakfast/prayer @ 6-7:30am. Mens Bible Study 2:30 pm
Thursday: bible study @ 8. Prayer @ 10. Outreach @ 12:30. Youth ministry @ 5
Sun: house church 10:30

Special Monthly Outreach

Oct: Halloween Night, Holy Ghost outreach

Nov: Gift of Love thanksgiving boxes

Dec: Christmas love

You’ve all been such an encouragement to us. Please let us know how we can pray for you!

the Daniels

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