I meet with Hank at least weekly for Bible study and encouragement.  I used to try to bring him over to my house for a more ‘settled’ atmosphere where we could concentrate without interruption.  As life circumstances changed, we found it better if I meet him at his place every week instead.  This has had an incredible impact on our time together and me personally.
Over the past months, we’ve had dozens of family members and friends join us who normally wouldn’t.  Since they’re hanging out anyway, they are able to join our regular times together.  On one particular occasion, Hanks’ friend joined us as we were finishing up 1 John 3-5: “See how great the love of the Father; that we would be called children of God.  We know love by this, that He laid down his life for us and we ought to lay down our lives for each other.  There is no fear in perfect love; perfect love drives out fear.  The testimony is this: that God has give us eternal life, and this life is in His Son.  He who has the Son has life, whoever does not have the son does not have life.”
We would read about 2 verses together, stop and ask questions, then continue.  With each question she became more and more captivated.  Apparently, her significant other was just incarcerated and she was having difficulty processing what life would look like without him.  With tears in her eyes, she asked “Can we read more?”  Hank and I spent the next hour talking and praying with her through some very difficult questions.  Our prayer is that she will continue meeting us to read the Word, and that she would trust Jesus to provide in very real and frightening circumstances.

Monthly Report
Jesus has given us grace to have a handful of amazing testimonies each month.  At the encouragement of others, I will try to do a better job of updating some stories on our blog: www.810project.com and keep these letters shorter for you.  If you would like to stay up to date on some of those stories, simply click the ‘follow’ link on the site.


Our ongoing ministries have been experiencing a peace of God that is beyond our understanding.  We are averaging about 15-20 kids per week at our Antiochnights.  Lately, the kids have come with deep and relevant questions about who God is and how He works.  These questions have resulted in 3 of the young ones praying a prayer inviting Christ into their lives over the past couple months.  Praise God!  Would you continue to pray with us for the infilling of the Holy Spirit in the lives of our youth?
Along with our weekly times with the youth, Miah and I are always looking to include a few neighbors in what we do with our own children.  As a result, Miah has made it her personal mission to teach every kid on our block how to swim.  In addition, we’ve been blessed with some tickets for special events and outings that I’ve been able to take some of the kids to.  It’s been great to connect with each one outside the regular programming times, and has led to even more times of hanging out with our neighbors at our home.
1st Swimming lesson
1st Swimming lesson
Our regular Prayer and Outreach times are picking up for the New Year.  We’d love to pray or do an outreach with you or your church group.  Come by 810 on Thursdays or schedule a special event with us.  We’d love to share what God is doing with you!

Upcoming Events// Way to get involved

Here are several ways to participate this month and a couple things to think about for Spring:
1. Valentines Day Outreach: each month we strive to do a special outreach to the community.  This month is Valentines!  Please join us for our 3rd Annual V-Day Outreach.  We will gather about 5:30 pm (or as soon as you can) to worship and pray.  We plan on going out around 6pm, handing out roses, chocolates and valentines cards from Jesus to our neighbors.  We’ll return between 6:30-7pm and have some light dinner for those who aren’t going out themselves.  This is a family friendly event and our kids look forward to it every year:)
2. Regular Schedule:
Intercession: Thursdays 10-12
Outreach: Thursdays 12:30-3
Youth Night w/ Antioch Ministries: 5-8
House Church: Sundays 10:30
We host several Bible Studies and discipleship groups throughout the week.  Call or email to find the day and time that works for you.
3. Future Events:
We will be starting a couple new groups this April, and could use your help with volunteering, pray, or other.
a. Tutor Program: we’ll be parenting with Antioch Ministries to add another youth day.  In April, we’ll be opening the home for a after school tutoring program.  If you’d be willing to offer homework help, snacks, or prayer ministry, let me know!
b. BSF: we’ll also be adding a Northside Men’s Bible Study in partnership with Bible Study Fellowship (BSF).  This is an opportunity for men across denominational and racial barriers to join together in the study of God’s Word and encouragement.  Please pray in to this; that all the timing would work out and that God’s Word would produce fruit in our lives.
c. Garage Rehab: It’s become apparent that to do things we feel the Lord has called us to do, we’ll need more space.  I’m having a contractor help me look more seriously at the garage space this month.  I’d like to turn that in to a larger gathering space for community worship and teaching; as well as host other ministries for outreach (dance, art, ect).  If you’d like to sow in to this project, please let us know!  We’ll need finical gifts, but also raw resources and labor.  It excites me to think about a place to host larger groups of prayer and worship teams, while having a space inside for small groups and the upstairs for long term discipleship living.
d. Our first resident has moved in to our long-term discipleship program upstairs.  Please pray for him!  We have 2 more set to move in this Spring, and would covet your prayers as more get added to the numbers.

Prayer Requests:
* Strength and encouragement for Miah as she is finishing up her degree at Northwestern.
* Protection, provision, and joy for our family.  This has been a trying season for us, and we feel God stretching us in new ways.  An extra portion of grace and peace would be lovely;)
* I keep asking God for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our youth.  They are seeking.  I am asking for filling.
* Effectiveness and power in our weekly outreaches.
* Miracles in our Valentines Outreach.
* Grace and a deeper understanding of God’s Word for our residents and disciples.
* Unity in our churches’ mission to make disciples.
* Thankfulness for all God has provided and is doing among us.
If you’d like to join our prayer team, please let me know!  In addition to financial gifts and encouragement, knowing that others in this world are praying for us is a miracle that brings a smile to our face!  Thank you to all who have stood with us on this journey.
The Daniels
remembering warmer days in FL
remembering warmer days in FL

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