I’m still processing an experience I had yesterday:

It was my first day at a new part time job for software training.  Coincidentally, there was an all staff meeting planned for the day as well.  As part of the all staff meeting, management hired a Qigong instructor to teach the 30+ staff on stress management.  There were several tapping movements and breathing techniques, which I didn’t participate in but didn’t bother me too much.

Then the instructor began telling us about higher powers and to call out them.  “Your higher power could be a tree,” was one of the comments.  “This movement is for Agape.  This movement is for joy.  Call out to the Universe.  Send your thoughts out to the neighborhood.”  I was becoming more and more perplexed that this was allowed in the workplace.  As I looked around, some were participating and others like me were not.

As she finished, she asked if anyone had any comments or observations.  I stood up and shared the Gospel as best as I could.  I honestly don’t remember everything I said, but some of the pieces sounded like this:

 “This is my first day, and it may be my last after I share what I have to say.  I am a born again Christian, and I’d like to state that there is 1 God, 1 Lord, 1 Savior and His Name is Jesus Christ.  We are all guilty of sin and that separates us from God.  Everything shared here is a lie.  We can’t reach out to the Universe.  However, God has reached out to us by sending His son, Jesus, to become sin for us and die on the cross for our sins.”

I know I mentioned other things about salvation, love, ect; but I don’t remember it all that clearly.

Since yesterday, I’ve been a little shook up.  My work place has reached out to me and wants to have a conversation about my comments.  That will happen tomorrow.  I don’t know if what I did was appropriate for the workplace, but I do know that I would have more regret now if I hadn’t shared my faith.

Is this type of thing a regular occurrence now in places of work?  I view these practices as blasphemy and invitations to demonic influence.  I’ve had too many experiences with demonized people practicing Eastern religions to believe other wise.  And when you equate Agape with something we can attain through breathing; it degrades the price of Unconditional Love as demonstrated on the cross.  While I was a sinner, Christ died for me.  When I hated and reviled Him, He loved me.  Greater love has no one than this, that He lay down His life for his friends.  Someone might be willing to die for a good person, but Christ died for me while I was a terrible person.  There is no spiritual vacuum to dump my garbage in and remain an empty spiritual hole.

Anyway, I’m curious if anyone else experiences this at work and how do you choose to respond, if at all?

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