“Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength.  They will rise up on wings like eagles.” IS 30:31

We are coming to the end of a long winter season.  Our family has been stretched physically and spiritually the past six months, and your prayers have sustained us.  Thank you!  Your prayers matter and affect our family and ministry more than you could imagine.

We hope as you read this month’s newsletter that you will be encouraged in your faith and reminded to keep praying!  The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they do have divine power to demolish strongholds!

April New News:

Mens Bible study

Tuesday evenings are now Men’s Bible Study nights at 810.  Bible Study Fellowship(BSF) is an internationally trusted Bible study model utilizing small group discussion, personal study and reflection, and Biblical teaching.  We began a trial this Spring for Men in the neighborhood and have been overwhelmed with God’s goodness in it.  Each week, 8-14 guys gather for food, fellowship, and some pretty intense discussion centered on Jesus in the book of John.

My favorite part is the discussion times.  Everyone has different backgrounds and perspectives and we usually end up talking for a couple hours about sin, struggles, and successes. Not everyone attending is a professing Christian, but all the feedback has been really encouraging: “This is causing me to go deeper,” “I’ve never thought about it that way before,” “I like the way that was explained,” are all common responses.

Because of the positive response, the group has decided to continue through the Summer months.  Please continue to pray that the Word of God would become more alive in all our hearts and conform the men of our city into His image.

New resident(s)

The upstairs units are now full!  Each resident commits to a lifestyle of learning through: prayer, fasting, Biblical study, accountability, and service.  What impact can a small group of committed Christ followers have on a neighborhood?  Please pray that the fullness of God’s dream would become reality in our hearts and the hearts of our neighbors through these men.


Antioch Youth Programming

I am super proud of our kids.  We’ve been averaging about 20 kids/week this past month which is more than usual.  However, I can say with certainty that every one of these kids understands the Gospel.  Seeds are being planted, and God is causing growth.

Last week after group, I noticed one of our teenage girls yelling at a man by the bus stop.  Anger is often a first response for this child, so I wasn’t quite sure what was going on and was concerned as I approached the small group of 6-8 teens.

To make a really long story short, our teen friend was standing up for justice against an older man who was acting inappropriately.  I was glad I could be there to help her navigate the situation; but also proud that the fire God has placed inside of her was being used for righteousness.  When the dust settled, I encouraged her to continue to use this passion for righteousness and I ask you to join with me in prayer for our youth. 

I’m reminded of the verse: “when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord will raise up a standard against him.”  It is true that the enemy is wreaking havoc in this generation.  It is also true that Jesus is raising a group who will stand for righteousness and holiness in a wicked and depraved generation.  They will shine like stars in the darkness.  They will be full of God’s Light, and the darkness will not overcome them.

We have also expanded our programming to include Tuesday afternoons for homework help and relationship building.  Pray with me for our youth and for more workers to enter the harvest with them.


We continue our weekly Thursday outreaches to the community.  Last week, we encountered Eric.  As we were chit chatting about family and the neighborhood, he mentioned he has some weird spirits living in his house.  That didn’t seem right to us, and to our surprise he invited us in for prayer.  We explained how Jesus is Lord over every spirit and He has granted us authority to cast out demons.  We also explained that our actions can grant access to unclean spirits and encouraged him to be mindful of that as we prayed.

When we finished, tears were running down his face.  “I know the Spirit is real.  I needed that,” he said.  We invited him to our mens BSF and house church meetings, and he’s agreed to come.  Pray for Eric!


As Summer approaches, we are looking forward to being able to connect with our neighbors on a more regular basis.  Here’s what’s going on, and we’d love to connect with you at some of these events as well!


On May 21st at 6pm, we’ll be partnering with MARCH and Shiloh Temple for a night of prayer and worship over our communities.  This will be the first of Four events throughout the summer.  Each event will involve prayer walks and worship within different parts of the Northside. Check for upcoming details at


Starting in June, we will host regular community BBQ’s every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.  This is a great way to connect with families and build relationship towards our Fall programming.

 Garage Rehab

I am still hopeful to have an overhaul to our garage space.  The garage will be used to house a 24/7 prayer room for the community.  There will also be regularly scheduled worship times as well as a dance and art program for neighborhood youth.  I see this as being a great connection space for the community to meet with Jesus for years to come.

Outreach Plans

We will be joining with several other partners this June for something called Love Twin Cities.  This will be a 10 day event in June hosted at a local church, Shiloh Temple.  For 10 days, there will be teams meeting for continuous prayer, worship, and outreach to different parts of our community.


Our family continues to be overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness and your generosity.  Thank you to all for your kindness and encouragement toward our family on this journey.  Bless you!


The Daniels // 612.750.6994

Giving online at:

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