They say time flies when you’re having fun, and June has flown by. We can’t believe it’s July already! Here’s a look back at our busy month and a look ahead to July and August.

I can’t say enough how honored that you have chosen to be part of our journey. Your prayers, gifts, and encouragements along the way literally mean more to us than we could ever fully express.


Community Clean up with Plymouth Covenant Church

Early in the month, we hosted several volunteers from Plymouth Covenant Church for a community clean up event. As we walked the neighborhood picking up trash, neighbors would notice and thank us. This gave us an opportunity to share the Love of Christ and pray with several of them. One neighbor even joined in and finished the clean up route with us! Thank you to Plymouth Cov. for serving our community in love and grace.

Tuesday community BBQ’s

We’ve begun our summer time BBQ’s at the 810 house. Every Tuesday, we fire up the grills, set out some games and love on our neighbors. This past week we had over 30 neighbors and families come through and many stayed to play games with their kids or just hang out. Come by any Tuesday between 4:30-6. We’d love to see you!

Thursday outreaches

Every Thursday, we intercede for our neighborhood from 10-12. Then from 12:30-2pm we go out into the neighborhood and share the love of Christ. Each week I’m blown away by people’s stories and God’s big love. This past week I simply sat with some neighbors for over an hour talking about life. Eventually they figured out I was the ‘pastor guy’, and they began confessing struggles and needs. We had a great time of prayer and encouragement, and Jesus sowed some really good seeds. On another occasion, a neighbor confessed that he had been asking around about me and determined that I was a ‘good guy.’ Thank you God for this favor!

Will you continue to pray with us for fruit in our neighborhood? We continue to trust Jesus for a great harvest, family restoration, and community transformation.

Thursday Antioch BBQ’s

Our partnership with Antioch Ministries allows us to hang out with kids each Thursday. Every Thursday evening from 5:30-7, we BBQ, play games, and get to know kids and their families on a deeper personal level. The past couple weeks, kids don’t want to leave so the BBQ has turned in to games of kickball and basketball that go until dark. It feels good to watch these boys and girls smile, play, and simply be kids. We’re looking for a few more volunteers to help with food and games for the Summer months. If you feel led to help out, let me know!

Love Twin Cities Outreaches

For the fourth year in a row, we’ve partnered with Love Twin Cities, a local ministry doing 24/7 events of worship, prayer and evangelism. This year, the main base was in our neighborhood at Shiloh Temple and we were able to partner to lead over 5 outreaches into our community. The gospel was shared with over 100 people and several great connections were made. Please continue to pray with us that these new connections will bear fruit as we do the work of follow up over the coming weeks and months.

Summer Prayer Walk #2

We’ve partnered with several local ministries including: MARCH, Shiloh Temple, and Hope United CDC for 4 monthly prayer walks taking place throughout each neighborhood in North Minneapolis. The last event we were able to prayer walk and talk with neighbors in the areas around 810 and Antioch homes, as well as other partner ministries. We focused specifically on troubled areas and had each team stop and pray in areas of particular violence. As one team approached one of these prayer locations, they looked down and noticed a left over bullet casing from a recent event.

Please continue to pray with us for pathways to peace and protection among our neighbors.

Police Dialogue, Luncheon, and prayer

In addition to the prayer walks, we’ve been able to schedule time to sit down with local officers for a luncheon, conversation, and prayer. Each table had representatives from a local ministry chatting and building relationship with a group of officers. We continue to seek pathways to peace, justice, and healing within our land. Would you pray with us for truth and justice to reign in North Minneapolis? (Is 59, Amos 5)

Garage Rehab

I’ve been having some local teens help me occasionally with some projects. This gives me a helping hand and gives them an opportunity to earn a little cash and learn some new skills. Because of this approach, things take a little longer and more mistakes happen; but this is how we learn! We are excited to use this garage space with our neighbors and friends to meet Jesus in worship, prayer, dance, and the arts. The space is already being used by one of our residents for his hip-hop ministry, and we trust God will bring in a great harvest through it.

If you have a small group that would like to come and help us in some of these efforts, let us know! We wont turn down help.


Here are a few extra ways you could get involved this month:

Prayer Event #3: July 29.

Join us at Shiloh Temple at 11:30. From there, we will go out to pray over specific communities throughout the Northside. When finished, we will return to Shiloh and ask volunteers to help us run a couple prayer booths for the Northside Art Flow event. Flow is an annual event on Broadway Avenue showcasing local art and artists, and we are hopeful for some great prayerful connections.

If you’d like to help me run a prayer table that Saturday afternoon, let me know!


Intercessors needed!

We need more prayer! If you’d like to join our intercessory team, we’d love to hear from you. Also, remember we are in prayer every Thursday from 10-12.

August Back to School Drive

I’ll need some help picking up and packing backpacks on August 17th at 8pm. We’ll also need some volunteers to help out at our community distribution event, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, August 22nd. Supplies and donations are also being accepted online with our partner ministry Antioch.

Financial help

Outreach and discipleship do cost money. We’re currently running at just over half our budget. Any gift of any amount is greatly appreciated. As a giver, I know people always say this; but Miah and I really mean it when we say THANK YOU! We know there’s a lot of places to spend your time, energy and money, so we honor all of your prayers and act of service that help us run. We literally could not do any of this without a greater community of encouragers, so THANK YOU!!! [GIVE ONLINE]

As always, if there is any way we can partner with you or your family in prayer, let us know. It brings us joy to pray for and with you!

the Daniels
Tim, Miah, Joshua, Hannah, Guine, Sam

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