I met Dennis and his family this past month on outreach. They live about 4 houses down and God has given me favor to pop in on them every once in a while. The other day, Dennis mentioned that he was walking by our home and was overwhelmed with a sense of God’s peace. He was curious if it was real or in his head, so he turned around and tried walking past a second time. Another wave of God’s peace passed over him. He was sharing this with me as he brought his whole household down to our BBQ last week. His story was a great encouragement to me that God is with us and His love is pursuing our neighbors. Your prayers are having an effect, and we are so grateful for the ways you encourage us!

Below is a little review on what happened in July and what’s coming up. If you would like to get more involved in youth and family ministry in North Minneapolis, we’d love to meet and pray with you more.


Prayer walk/Prayer Table at FLOW

This was the third of four prayer events in partnership with other local ministries on the North side. This event lined up with Northside FLOW; an arts event showcasing small business and arts on the Northside. Our teams prayed though 4 neighborhoods, stopping and praying with neighbors along the way. Upon return, we set up a prayer table along the FLOW route and prayed with neighbors who were taking in the event. A special thanks to Melanie Leehy of MARCH ministries for spear heading this event, and for Shiloh Temple for hosting.

Youths Work

I’ve been having my kids and a few neighbor boys help me with various projects around the 8:10 house. It gives them a chance to learn some skills and earn some money, and gives me a chance to sow in to their lives a little bit. It’s been precious to hear my son Sam pray with some of the neighbor boys, talk about heaven, and contemplate super powers. Miah’s been doing the same thing, bringing a couple neighbor girls along with her to provide respite care for a few toddlers. This has been a great way for us to connect relationally outside of regular ‘programming’ hours and I think it’s fair to say that we see the fruit of the spirit growing in these young lives.

Weekly BBQ’s

We’ve got a few summer BBQ’s left before Fall programming starts. These have exceeded my expectations with about 30-50 neighbors coming through every week. Not all stay long, but it gives us a chance to meet and pray with many. Those who stay end up playing checkers or yard games with other neighbors building community and friendships. For example, Joseph came with his 2 nephews last week. He moved in with friends a few houses down the day prior, and was shocked to receive free food and prayer. He asked what we do and how he could get involved in giving back.
This is 1 aspect of why we do the BBQ’s. We want to get to know each neighbor better, and we hope and pray that as they come they will meet Jesus through us and in turn introduce Jesus to their families. Keep praying!

Discipleship Training

We have a few men living upstairs at 8:10, and as part of their discipleship training they are encouraged to give back to the community and lead their own outreaches. Phil is a skate boarder and took on a big outreach for the X Games, building a skate park and placing it within a few blocks of the games. He had a great and challenging time ministering to the skater crowd and several homeless around the area.

Phil setting up at the X Games

Nate is a break dancer, and has been hosting weekly dance sessions in our garage. We love sowing in to the Gospel going forth through their lives, and Nate is planning to enroll in YWAM training this fall to further sharpen his ministry skills. If you fee led to sow in to this, visit the link at: http://breakfree2024.com/donate/


Backpack drives (8/10,17, 22)

We will have 3 separate back to school events this month, and we’d love your help! The events 8/10 and 17 will be the Fremont location with our partners at Antioch. Also on 8/17, I will need a couple volunteers to go with me to pick up more supplies from our partners at Cru.
And lastly, I need a handful of volunteers to help run games and distribute for the event at 810 on 8/22. If you’d be willing help, let me know!

Fall programming

If you know of others who could help us out for the school year programming (Sept-May), we are seeking volunteers for Tues and Thurs programming at the 810 and Antioch locations. We need help with weekly meals, set up and tear down, home-work tutors, and mentors. Send interested adults my way!

Easy ways your church or small group could get involved:

  • Provide a meal. For many, this is often the most healthy meal they will get in a week. Not all of our families have an opportunity to share a family meal together on a regular basis.
  • Provide some games or crafts. Our kids love to play, and the games and balls we have don’t tend to last very long. Our kids love challenging team games and outdoor fun.
  • Commit to weekly partnership. This could be as easy as preparing the meal or clean up duty. We also need leaders and mentors to guide students in homework help, bible studies, and 1 on 1 mentorship.

Fall Partnerships

Pray for our partnerships with BSF, Village School of the Bible, and Messenger Boot Camp. We are hoping for strong partnerships to grow our men in faith, hope and love this Fall season.

Garage help

The garage is currently being used to host weekly dance sessions, but I’d like to do more with it. I envision a prayer and worship room, gathering space for our sunday house church, youth training, and other community groups. If you know of any people or small groups who would like to sow in to this effort, let me know! We need financing for raw materials and helping hands to hang sheet rock, mud, tape, ect.


Please keep praying for our family as well. Summer has been going wonderfully, but too fast! Miah begins student teaching at the end of this month, and our lives will switch back to a busier schedule as we minister to youth and families. Please continue to pray god’s wisdom and protection through the next season. Thank you!

The Daniels


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