John 5:17 But Jesus replied, “My Father is always working, and so am I.”

Each month as I review my notes and pictures for the newsletter, I’m astonished at how active our God is. From day to day, we might not notice. But as we reflect back on the weeks, months, and years, we can see just how active He is in our growth and journey. We are so thankful to all of you who continue to support us through prayer, letters of encouragement, and gifts. As you read our March newsletter, please be mindful of where God has placed you. Jesus is always at work, the fields are ripe for the harvest, and He has placed you where you are for such a time as this!

As always, let us know how we can partner with you in prayer. Thank you!

the Daniels

Youth Work

I shared a story on our blog recently about a young pre-teen struggling with suicidal thoughts. God used our group to speak to him and encourage him to not kill himself. Specifically, a testimony from one of our youth leaders opened the door to confession and a time of prayer. We had no idea he was struggling in this way, but we are so thankful that God brought him to us and spared his life.

I was reminded of a couple things: 1) Our testimonies are very powerful. 2) Never take any one for granted. I am so glad that Jesus connected us with this family. His Spirit is working in ways I don’t always recognize and cannot control.

Family Ministry

We had a neighbor lose her fight with cancer this past month. I felt honored to be asked to be at her bedside and pray with the family. Many doors were open for the Gospel to be shared with extended family and loved ones.

Facing the reality of death, one of the more common comments I heard was “I have to clean up my life.” My encouragement was to “Don’t try to do that! Give your life to Jesus! Talk to him about your struggles and surrender to Him!” I’m hopeful that a few of these conversations will lead to lasting fruit. Please pray for this family, that God would stir a revival in their hearts and give them the strength to trust Him through this time.


“Can you come talk to Shawn?” [name changed]
On the other line was a concerned mom. Her son has been skipping school and making other damaging decisions. He was allowing some relationship drama to destroy his future.

It is such an honor to be invited into these spaces. We talked for several hours about identity and Christ’s purposes. Please continue to pray for Shawn as he struggles with big decisions for his future: the main one being his decision to follow Christ.

Time and faithfulness:

Please pray for me specifically. I want to be faithful to follow up well in all these circumstances. Please pray for continued opened doors with these 3 families specifically. There are several other families we’ve been working with as well, and I want to be a good and faithful steward of God’s time and placement in this harvest field.


We were able to take a few youth on a camping retreat this past weekend. We spent a day and half hiking, shooting hoops, nerf wars, talking about God, sex, and righteousness. It was a beautiful and we hope good seeds were planted.

April Upcoming


Messenger Boot Camp is back in session, and that means we’ll be partnering in evangelism training for those looking to enter the Harvest Field. Pray for us over the next 8 weeks as we partner with those looking to grow in the gift of evangelism. Every Thursday, we’ll be taking small groups to different parts of our city and talking to strangers and neighbors about the Gospel. Please pray for good fruit!

Speaking engagement

I will also be speaking on “growing in personal holiness” April 21 for Boot Camp at Bethel College. Please pray that Christ would use this time to spur us on towards a deeper love for Him and His Word.

Community Engagement

Please continue to pray over our partnerships on the Northside. We’d like to be a blessing to the Body of Christ and our neighbors. We have some hopes and dreams for this Summer and beyond, and I want to stay in step with Jesus and His Body throughout the process.

Family Prayers

Miah: pray for her continued teaching at Hope Academy
Kids: protection and growth in their relationship with Jesus
Tim: wisdom, discernment, and direction

Many thanks again for your continued support.
The Daniels

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