Psalm 34 “I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.”

Thank you again to all who pray and sow into our family and neighbors in N. Mpls. This past month has been one of transitions: kids and Miah finished school, Winter Bible studies are winding down, and our school programming finished last week.

As Summer hits, we’ll begin our summer outreaches, BBQ’s, prayer and worship nights, and become more relational with discipleship and neighbors who are no longer in school. We continue to cry out to the Lord for mercy; knowing that He will continue to answer us and move among our neighbors.

Below, you’ll find a recap of some our events last month, and a preview of some our upcoming activities and ways to get involved. Again, the most urgent request we have is for prayer. If you’d like to join our prayer team, please let me now at


Tim and Miah Daniels


***NOTE: [Summer’s are violent here.  We’ve heard gunshots from our window 3 of the last 4 nights.  There was an amazing outreach last Sunday and extended time of ministry with neighbors.  One of the mom’s car windows was shot out later that evening, just hours after we finished talking.  Psalm 34 has been on our hearts: the Lord hears our cries.  He is answering.  He will deliver us from our fears.  When we ask for prayer, we really mean that we need it.  There are forces beyond our control at work, and we seek help from Heaven and from you.  Thank you for your continued prayers!]

Youth Discipleship

We wrapped up all of our School programming for youth last week. This summer, we will host a series of ‘mini camps’, designed to equip each child to see themselves inside of God’s Story.


In addition to our regular weekly outreaches, we attempt to do several larger outreaches per year. Last week, our friends at Plymouth Cov. Church blessed us with a breakfast, games, and manpower to do a community clean up event.

I was especially blessed by several things:

  • Youth from our discipleship programming took ownership of cleaning, cooking, and organizing several aspects of the event.
  • Several neighbors got involved in leading teams to clean their section of the neighborhood. This was an ‘inside out’ event, with neighbors leading the way.
  • The food and games were a perfect way to get to meet several new neighbors!
  • The fellowship continued late into the afternoon. Miah stayed and prayed with a young mom for a couple hours. Another neighborhood mom came over later and chatted long into the late afternoon.

Many thanks to Plymouth Cov for providing resources to expand out capacity and reach for a wonderful event; leading to new and deeper relationships with our neighbors!

Summer Forecast

Weekly BBQ’s

Every Tuesday throughout Summer, we host a regular free BBQ on the lawn. This is a great way for us to meet new neighbors, and keep up relationships with others.

We also continue our partnership with Antioch ministries for regular Thursday BBQ’s at our youth house. You’re always welcome to 1 or both! Reach out to me for more details (time/location)

Prayer and Fasting

In addition to our regular Thursday morning prayer times, we are adding Friday nights at 7pm. This is a time to wait on the Lord with others. I don’t have a name for these times, but the words the Holy Spirit put on my heart are: Fervent, Persistent, Consistent.

I believe that the enemy of our souls has blinded minds so that they are unable to see the Light of the Gospel of Jesus. I believe that we have weapons of warfare that are not carnal, but have divine spiritual power to demolish strongholds and remove the enemy’s hands from our neighbors eyes. I believe that if we wait on the Lord to listen to what is on His heart, he will give us the right prayers to pray, insight, and power to respond to His will. In short, these are not ‘pray a list’ type of meetings. These are meetings to wait on the Holy Spirit for His will. If this makes not sense, join us!

Youth and Family Discipleship

Much of our Summer “programming” is relational. This means that we generally hang out and do life with neighbors on a day to day basis.

However, we have also scheduled some youth ‘mini camps’. These are designed specifically to engage youth with God’s story and to see their family’s place in Him. Topics are generally artistic, but will also give each family a chance to learn some hard skills in: photography, dance, video recording and production.  Through each class, youth will be provided opportunities to include their families in the story of the Gospel.   If you’d like to be involved in any way or if you’d like to make a contribution, let me know!

Many, Many Thanks!

Stay in touch with us by following this page, email, or phone.

Tim and Miah Daniels



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