Jesus gave us the idea to run a series of ‘mini camps’ this summer.  The goal of each camp is:

  • Learn a practical skill
  • Meet a local leader or professional
  • See the Gospel in Action

June’s ‘mini camp’ was provided by our friend Andy, who is also the head photographer for the Minnesota Vikings.  Andy brought a bunch of equipment and did some tutorials with the kids on a scavenger hunt.  The Gospel application was on “Perspective”.  Andy talked a lot about different perspectives throughout the day, and we took time to explain that as Christians, faith is our perspective.  Faith in Jesus provides the lens that we observe life through.

Other camps will include video and dance.  The kids are excited to learn and show off their skills.  The hope is that at the end of the summer, each child will be able to showcase their efforts to their parents, friends and family.  This is a way to have each kid share the Gospel in their own way to their own family and friends.

Here’s some pics!

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