My apologies for the lateness of this post.  Our family has been going through some transition, which I’ll post more about later.  However, I wanted to update you on our Back to School Outreach(es) held last month.  They were a blast and we saw great fruit! Thank You!!!

Through community partners, friends and neighbors, the 8:10 Project was able to supply over 100 youth in our neighborhood with backpacks and supplies for the year.  Thank you!

Neighbors came to fellowship, eat, and play games.  Many of the youth and families we’ve been working with for the past several years pitched in to help with setup, run games, prepare and distribute the food and clean up.  Many others ran our backpack distribution and prayer tables.  Thank you!

As neighbors finished their meal, they would come to our supply table and grab as many community resources and Gospel materials as they desired.  They would meet with our coordinator to fill out a short survey and communicate about family needs.  From there, they were escorted to our distribution desk where they were able to grab what was needed for the year. Finally they came to our prayer table where we were able to pray with students and their parents together for the upcoming year and any other needs they wanted to present to the Lord.

It was fun!  One of the biggest blessings to our family was to see youth and their parents involved together in the set up and distribution for the event.  Some of the youth we’ve been working with for over 3 years now and we’ve been able to gain the trust of the parents and peers.  Continue to pray for the young boys and girls who are heading back to school as shining lights and beacons of hope.

Thank you to all who prayed and contributed to this event in North Minneapolis!

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