The 8:10 Project is a “house of Worship, Prayer, and Discipleship” in North Minneapolis.  We are committed to connecting hearts in our community to the heart of Jesus.  We do this through regular: fasting, prayer, worship, outreach, and discipleship groups.

Our strategy is centered in prayer and focused on Youth and Families in the city.  We offer several weekly youth programs [including meals, Bible Study, and homework help], youth mentoring, as well as men’s and women’s Bible Studies.  Our desire is to build relationships through groups and regular community outreach/engagement that will last an eternity.  We want to walk with youth through their transition into adulthood through 1 on 1 mentoring, modeling, and discipleship into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Name “8:10 Project” is associated with 2 things:

  • the Home is located at 810 30th Ave N in Minneapolis
  • Romans 8:10 states that when we are dead in our sins, we can be made alive in Christ.

Outreach and Discipleship //what we do

  1. Outreach: We engage the community with at least weekly outreach.  Each outreach is different as we pray and ask for God’s direction for the day.  The goal of our outreach is to remind and encourage our neighbors of the love of their Heavenly Father expressed through Jesus Christ.  We also host special monthly community events in partnership with the greater Church relationships within North Minneapolis.
  2. Discipleship: We invite those we meet to attend our weekly groups.  Those with special interest become involved in a 1 on 1 discipleship process.  For those requiring extra time and space to grow with Jesus, we offer a live-in discipleship program out of the upstairs units.

The lower unit is reserved for community meeting space with Jesus (meals, Bible Studies, discipleship groups, prayer groups, outreach groups, ect).


Partnerships //how we do it

We partner with the Body of Christ throughout the Northside for everything.  We are connected to His Body, with Jesus at the Head.  For a list of our partners or other activities, we’ve developed a website with mission and calendar at  We believe we can do more together than apart.

We’ve organized and collaborated with many other awesome ministries throughout North Mpls to promote God’s Kingdom and healing throughout our neighborhoods.


Below are some images of some of the things we do.  We hope this gives you a bit of a visual into our daily life, but the best way is really to come visit!:

Discipleship Home [the 8:10 House]

Youth Discipleship: Partnered with Antioch Ministries

Our family live in and steward a home in partnership with Antioch Ministries just 4 blocks away from the 810 house.  From this home, we do weekly meals, Bible Studies, games, special events, hang out, family ministry, and more.  We are always looking for additional volunteers to become involved in impacting the lives of our future leaders.

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